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Starting and Exercise Program

Clients who want to start an exercise program:  I can provide a safe and exciting workout for all levels of fitness.  If you are not sure where to begin or would like to set a course for a healthy workout program, I can work with you to customize a program that you will enjoy.

Continuing Exercise Program

Clients who want to continue their exercise program:  I can provide challenging workouts for individuals who are currently deemed in good shape and are looking to cross train and expand their exercise knowledge and experience.

Modified Workouts

Clients who want a modified workout:  Many clients have different injuries and/or restrictions on the type of workout they can perform.  I can design a safe, fitness level appropriate and effective way to obtain both cardio and muscle conditioning while protecting the body from pre-existing injuries. 

Prenatal Fitness

Prenatal Fitness:       My clientele also include woman who are pregnant and want to workout in a safe manner.  Safely working out during pregnancy can have positive benefits such as improved circulation, increased energy and yield a more restful sleep.  After your little bundle of joy arrives, I can design an exercise program to get you back into your desired shape quicker than you thought possible. 

Corporate Fitness

Want to offer your employees a healthy job perk? Why not offer them access to fitness on site at work.   Numerous corporations and mid sized firms are investing in their employees by offering employee memberships to in-house fitness programs.

Having a fit and healthy staff can save companies a significant amount of money. Studies have shown that fitness is an important part of our everyday busy lives.  Staying fit can reduce stress and boost production, energy output and company morale.

I can prepare a workout that is tailored to specific company needs that provide effective results, both physically and mentally.  I can offer a variety of in house workout regimes from stretching, to low impact workouts to vigorous strength training and cardio workouts.  We can satisfy various employees’ needs and fitness levels.



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